SUN BRAND Local Mee Suah

Vermicelli is Xiamen’s famous noodle specialty, made using high-grade flour with thin white texture. Vermicelli can also be boiled into a noodle paste. Such noodles rely mainly on the taste of soup, with shrimp, oysters, mussels and other delicious fresh quality seafood to give a bowl of soup noodles its excellent flavour.

面线是厦门著名特产,用上等面粉制成,质地洁白纤细。面线糊,便是用面线煮成的糊,但讲究糊而不乱。面线糊,主要是依靠汤的滋味,以虾, 牡蛎,淡菜等味美质鲜的海产品熬汤制成面线糊,风味极佳。